The 31st “Down the Teshi-O-Pet” Canoeing Touring Tournament (Details to be decided at the next Executive Committee Meeting)

The 31st Hokkaido Heritage Teshio River Canoe Touring Event Down the Teshi-O-Pet 2024 Draft Guidelines   

(The 31st Hokkaido Heritage Teshio River Canoe Touring Event Down the Teshi-O-Pet 2024

(and the 21st Hokkaido Canoe Touring Event)

Abbreviated name: Down the Tessi-O-Pet 2024

The Teshio River, a Hokkaido Heritage Site, boasts Japan’s longest nonstop river rafting section of 157km (≒100 miles) with no man-made structures, and is a representative event of Hokkaido, promoting the lifetime enjoyment, appeal and excitement of canoe touring, as well as promoting the spread of water sports within Hokkaido and beyond. The Teshio River has become established as a representative event of Hokkaido, and the continued holding of this event is intended to promote the Teshio River.

The Teshio River was selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site (October 2004), and the event provides an opportunity to experience the great nature of the Teshio River, rediscover the river scenery and the wonderful charms of the basin municipalities, and increase interest in environmental preservation and other issues. The purpose of the event is to promote regional development in the Teshio River watershed area through exchanges among participants, staff, and local residents.

Down the Teshi, an NPO

Co-sponsored by Hokkaido Shimbun, Hokkaido Canoe Association, Hokkaido Canadian Canoe Club

Down the Tessi-O-Pet Executive Committee (abbreviated: Down the Tessi Executive Committee)

Support (tentative) Horonobe Town, Nakagawa Town, Horonobe Town Board of Education, Nakagawa Town Board of Education, Horonobe Town Tourism Association, Nakagawa Town Tourism Association, and many others

Hokkaido University Canoe Club, Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa Outdoor Life Course

Hokkaido SUBARU, Shugakuso, Mercator Seas, Sakou Jidosha, and many others.

■When and Where: Saturday, July 13 – Sunday, July 14, 2024 (rain or shine)

Teshio River Nakagawa-cho, upstream right bank of Saku-bashi Bridge – Horonobe-cho Shin-Tokanbetsu Canoe Port – Horonobe-cho Mikazuki Lake

*Friday 12: campsite for the previous night, Saturday 13: campsite for the main event at Horonobe Hometown Forest Park Campsite.

Paddling distance 46km (Saku- bridge upstream – Shin-toikannbetu canoe port – Horonobe Mikazuki lake)

Level: Beginner to intermediate 

*Canoeing seminars for beginners and novices will be held on May 26 (Sun.) and June 23 (Sun.).

Number of participants: 200 people in about 100 boats

Eligibility: Elementary school students and older. However, minors must be accompanied or rowed by an experienced parent or guardian.

Registered members of the NPO “Down the Teshi” (those who have not yet registered can register at the same time as application)

Participation fee: Undecided (due to fuel and general price increases or fluctuations)

(Due to rising or fluctuating fuel and general prices)

**A discount of ¥2,000 for students and registered members of the Hokkaido Canoe Association and the Canadian Canoe Club of Hokkaido.

*Registration fee A (2,000 yen for NPO supporting membership, bib, printing/communication costs, prizes, common expenses)
Insurance B*Lunch C (on 14th *Please prepare your own dinner and breakfast.
After the canoes are inspected and prepared at the starting point each day, the vehicles will be transferred to the finishing point.

We will arrange a chartered bus to take you from the finish line to the start line. (The time of the bus service is fixed.)

Users are required to pay the usage fee separately from the participation fee at the time of application.

D per person per day x 2 days = E The amount is yet to be determined

(In principle, only the driver of the moving vehicle will be on board)

Application period June 1 (Thu.) – 24 (Fri.) (must arrive no later than June 1 (Thu.) – 24 (Fri.))

Secretariat Down the Tessi NPO, 1-56 Higashi 7-jo Minami, Nayori-shi, Hokkaido, 096-0007, Japan

        TEL: 01654-3-8890 (Representative)  

               E-mail: Night time and holidays 080-1877-4760

       *Executive Committee bifuuka:: Naohiro Tabata, bifuka Town Hall TEL 01656-2-1611 (main) FAX 01656-2-1626

       *Executive Committee in charge of Horonobe Town::

We will prepare an invitation for participation and send it to Hokkaido Shimbun, canoe clubs and canoe stores, as well as to our website and direct mailings.

Please apply using the prescribed application form.

In principle, participants will stay overnight at the campsite. We will hold a social event (lottery, etc.) at the campsite.

*As of now, there will be no dinner party, so please prepare dinner by your team.

Horonobe Hometown Forest Forest Park Campsite. This is a designated campsite.

Those who wish to stay at the campsite are requested to make their own arrangements.