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Recently Asked Questions
Can foreigners and foreign nationals participate?

Yes, as long as you have canoeing skills, are able to self-rescue, follow the rules and regulations, and can safely descend the river and camp.
If you can understand Japanese for canoeing safety, you can participate.



we are not able to bring canoe, paddle, life jacket…etc. to Hokkaido since we are traveller. Therefore, is there any chance to rent nearby? What’s the estimate cost?



A.Rental equipment includes two-person open canoes, one-person sea kayaks, and two-person kayaks.

A 2-day rental of one boat is 15.000 yen including transportation. (Rental includes PFD, paddle, bag for buoyancy, front and rear tow ropes, throw rope1, and helmet.)

Q2.申し込み開始日はいつですか?When will be commencing date for application? Online apply acceptable?

A.Starting June 1. Online application is available.

Q3.申込金は2人でいくらですか?  When will be commencing date for application? Online apply acceptable?



A.The membership fee includes insurance and is yet to be determined.

We are thinking about 15.000 yen per person, but due to fuel costs and prices, this has not yet been determined.

Q4.出発地は士別か名寄か?Starting point location 士別 or 名寄?

A.This time we will start from Saku Canoe Port, downstream of Saku Bridge, Nakagawa-cho. The goal is Mikazuki Lake Canoe Port in downtown Horonobe. 50 km will be paddled in 2 days.

※The Teshio River is 160 km long and can be rowed 160 km, but it is so long that it descends about 50 km in one event, so the starting point is moved downstream every year.

中川町佐久橋 https://maps.app.goo.gl/7gJaauvxwj37TXX6A

幌延町三日月湖 https://maps.app.goo.gl/TC93xZAKB5dKNcACA

Q5.キャンプは7月13日ですか? https://maps.app.goo.gl/s15EgPTGuhV82cb36 Horonobe Furusato no Mori Forest Park Campsite


A.We will be using a campground located within the city of Horonobe on July 13. We will have a participant event at this location. Camping equipment, lunch on the 13th, dinner on the 13th, and breakfast on the 14th are to be provided by each participant. lunch on the 14th will be served at the finish line.


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